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Monday, 16 March 2020 19:02

Attention Race Family,


MORE is continuing to work to ensure the health and safety of racers on March 21 for the Transaxle Engineering Challenge and Weddle Industries Sweet 16 Shootout. 


The COVID-19 outbreak has required increased precautions. While there may be conflicting information being presented, San Bernardino County’s ordinance remains the same; gatherings in the same room or space cannot exceed 250 people.  Larger areas such as theme parks or attractions:  “Ensure that social distancing of six feet per person for non-family members is maintained and make clear that family members can participate in activities together, stand in line together etc.  Social distancing of six feet per person, particularly between individuals who have come together on a one-time or rare basis and/or who have very different travel patterns such as those coming from multiple countries, state or counties”


In working with BLM and current county ordinances, MORE has decided to increase precautions for this race to the following:


  • Registration and Tech will be moved to the open desert at Start/Finish. ONLY the Driver of Record and one team member are asked to bring the vehicle down to get inspected, and complete registration.  All vehicle occupants and pit crew members MUST sign and submit the online release waivers before tech!  These all can be done on a mobile device, tablet, or PC. 



  • All Drivers, CoDrivers and Pit Crew Members (5 max per team) MUST submit release forms online to decrease wait time and maintain crowd control. New 2020 racers (drivers and co-drivers) must also submit and pay membership online. 



  • Hand sanitizer, hand sanitizing wipes and gloves will be available at start/finish if wanted/needed. 


  • The Mustache March Contest is now going to be done by text submission. We will not be taking photos of participants at Tech, but instead are asking for participants to send their team picture submissions to the MORE Phone- (760)577-5644.  You can start texting your submissions now!  Make sure to include your race team name and vehicle number with your photo.  Only 1 photo per team will be posted for voting.    


  • The area for Main Pit will be expanded further to allow adequate camping space for the race teams and minimal congestion.


  • The Driver's Meeting will be broadcast over the MORE radio frequency.  There will be multiple Pit Monitors driving through the pits during the broadcast and will hand out Pit Boss wristbands ensuring all race teams are listening to the broadcast.  We will also call out 5 randomly selected drivers to ensure they are listening.   If you are not, you will receive a time penalty.  


  • Staging and spectator area will be closed during each heat.  Only 1 Pit Crew Member will be allowed per vehicle in staging.  


  • Only 2 team members will be allowed at the podium truck finishing area per vehicle when their vehicle finishes the race.


  • Additionally, all racers are asked to refrain from handshakes, high fives, or any other physical human to human contact. We also highly encouraging everyone to practice social distancing by keeping 6 feet between themselves and other individuals. 


  • As a reminder, the policy for every MORE race:  If you do not start the race your entry fee will be refunded in full.  


We are asking that everyone please follow guidelines from the CDC. If you become sick with respiratory symptoms like fever and cough please follow guidance from public health officials.


We understand if this is a lot of information. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Cody @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will continue to inform you of any updates as they come in. We look forward to seeing you on March 21! LET’S RACE!




MORE Racing