NEW Rear Light Requirement for the 2017 Season

  • For the 2017 racing season, MORE will be requiring select limited classes to run a rear facing green light to help identify slower paced vehicles when coming through their dust.  For the classes that require the green light (listed below) the rear facing amber light will be optional, you will not be required to remove it. **  
  • For the past 3 seasons, MORE has been in conflict with BLM Rangers about the standard blue light that other racing organizations use to identify slower vehicles.  This blue light is illegal in the state of California and cannot be used at open course off road events.  Because of this law MORE has been requiring race vehicles with blue lights to disable them before they can start the race.  This created a safety issue making slower paced race vehicles much harder to identify through a dust plume.  An alternative was needed.
  • After extensive research and field tests with GG Lighting “The Official Light of MORE”, green was the clear choice.  Green light can be seen through a dust plume at a range far exceeding any other color available.  GG Lighting was then tasked with creating a light option that could be easily installed on race vehicles and hold up to the punishment of an off road race car or truck.   This option can be purchased at and at MORE Tech/Contingency before each race.  Sierra LED,, and Baja Designs all offer MORE legal rear facing green light options.   
  • Any rear facing green light with a minimum of 4 square inches of surface area will be permitted.  The light must be clearly visible from the rear of the car with no obstructions.  There will be no brand or lumen requirement, however don’t be surprised if you don’t pass tech with a dim light or green duck tape over your amber.   This green light is for your safety, the brighter the better.
  • The first two races of the 2017 Season are split heat races with the slower limited vehicles running in the morning heat.  Therefore, the green light will not be required to pass tech until the McKENZIE’S 250 on May 20.
  • Rear facing green light required for classes:  11, 9, 1900(UTV), 1300, 2000, 5/1600
  • Rear facing green light optional for classes: 1350, 1600, 12, 1400, 3000

       **SNORE will be accepting the green light as a legal alternative to their blue light requirement.  




Last modified on Tuesday, 17 January 2017 07:21