Tuesday, 18 December 2012 23:34

Safety Rules


If you have any questions about our Safety Rules please contact  President/ Race Director Cody Jeffers at (307) 272-7431.



  • Must cover from “A” pillar to “B” pillar, from top “roof” to bottom “top of body Panel”


  • Must be made of 1 ½” x .095 (minimum) mild steel or chromoly D.O.M.
  • Must have corner gussets on main cage
  • All welds MUST be 360 degrees
  • Headrest is required on either the seat or cage
  • Different classes require larger wall and tubing sizes.


  • Must be NO older than 3 years from date of present race
  • Two single shoulder harnesses are required
  • NO” V” or “Y” shoulder type
  • Double “D” rings are required unless harnesses are sewn on and/or bolted on
  • NO twist-type latches, must be a “lever latch” type release


  • A 2 ½ pound “A-B-C” rated hand held fire extinguisher with a capacity gage required

FIRST AID Mandatory items needed as follows;

  • (1) 4” bandage compress
  • (10) Prep pads treated
  • (2) 2” bandage compress
  • (1) Eye dressing packet
  • (1) Triangle bandage
  • (10) Ammonia inhalants
  • (8) 2” x 3” adhesive pads
  • (1) Ace bandage
  • (16) 1” x 3.375” adhesive bandages


  • Must be fully surrounded in a smooth shinned casing
  • Casing must be made of 20 gage steel (.060 aluminum or .125 marlex, NO magnesium)
  • Must be vented
    • Vent hose must loop past both sides of cell
    • The end of vent hose must extend past the bottom of cell
    • Fuel cap must be a “quick fill” or a “twist type” non-vented type


  • Safety loop is required on all vehicles with a drive shaft
  • Retainer loop can be made of .25” x 2” steel or a 2” wide nylon webbing (both securely bolted to frame)


  • Rear facing lights are as follows:
    • (2) Brake lights
    • (2) Tail lights
    • (1) Amber light
    • (1) Blue light for vehicles racing limited laps
  • Brake lights must only be connected to the peddle brake switch (no hand controlled switches)
  • Tail lights must operate with instrument lights or a set of head lights (must not be on a separate switch)
  • Tail lights must be on during entire night event or races that extend into the night hours
  • Amber and blue lights MUST be connected to ignition switch and BOTH must be on entire event (must be repaired if stopped at a check point)


  • Very loud sounding device required in all vehicles


  • Must be in the middle of vehicle in line with driver
  • Must be on a 12” x 12” square background as follows:
    • Black square with white numbers or
    • White square with black numbers
  • Highly recommended that all the white textile be made of reflective white material for better night viewing
  • Number sizes are as follows:
    • 4” Front visor area
    • 8” Side numbers (in line with driver)
    • 6” Rear facing


  • A SNELL approved helmet with “SA” 2005 or newer SNELL label inside the helmet
  • “M” rated  and SA 2000 helmets are not allowed 

Head and Neck Restraints

  • SFI 38.1 Head and Neck restraints are required in all classes. (NecksGen, Hans, D-Cell...)


  • Clean single piece with no holes (including urine holes or cooling tubes)
  • No tears or rips
  • Single layer suits are permitted
  • Multi-Layer suits, and gloves are highly recommended along with fire resistant shoes and underwear 


  • Must have two springs where a single spring would normally be


  • Safety traffic triangles are required in all vehicles


  • Required for all vehicles were a fuel cell is used
  • Normal location would be between drivers compartment and fuel cell